A Comprehensive
Assessment of the Upper

Assessment of the Upper
Putah Creek Watershed

A Department of Water
Resources Proposition 50
funded grant

For the


Watershed Assessment

Items to be covered in a Watershed Assessment

Historic Context and Analysis

Putah Creek

This assessment will be completed J 2010

by June 2010

    • Develop a computer model of surface and groundwater balances water quality and

    • groundwater balances, water quality and
      measure the health of the habitat.
  • Technical Advisory Committee and a Citizens Advisory Group will make input to the study

    • Outreach and education will inform students and citizens about the watershed, provide informative workshops, record history of elders and art will

    • watershed
  • The final report will have the computerized model data that includes the health of the watershed. Recommendations for management actions and

Recommendations for management actions and projects. A video history of the watershed. And reports of citizen and student training and involvement


• University of California at

University of California at Davis •• Dept of civil and Environmental

Dept of civil and Environmental engineering WM

  • Watershed Model

  • Natural Resources Conservation Service

  • Lake County Dept Water Resources

  • Middletown Rancheria

  • Solano County Water Agency

  • Minnie Cannon Elementary School

  • Middletown Community Arts

Soda Creek

Technical Advisory Committees


  • A TAC to review 2004 Watershed Study

  • College Professor, Geologist,Water Engineer, Plant Biologist,Herpetologist, Entomologist, Rancheria Environmental Officer, District Conservationist and Water Master

  • They will review the study for possible gaps in application; that is, were there any areas that need to be addressed in our overall study


Technical Advisory Committee


• A TAC called Water Quality A TAC called Water Quality Technical Committee (WQTC)

•• College Professor

College Professor, Entomologist, Water Engineer, Rancheria Environmental

Rancheria Environmental Officer, DFG Biologist, Stewardship Board Members

Stewardship Board Members,

St Helena Creek

Citizens Advisory Group

Citizens Advisory Group

    • Agriculture,Fed,State.County, Farm Bureau,Agricultural Associations and individual producers

    • Associations and individual producers
  • Business, Organizations and Individual Entrepreneurs

  • Civic Groups, Rotary, Lions, Scouts, 4h

    • Churches

    • Churches
  • Developers, Planners, Real Estate Associations

  • Everyday Citizens, Elders

  • Elected Officials,, Lake and Napa

  • Education, College and MUSD, Private Schools

    • Homeowners Associations, Anderson Springs, Hidden

    • Valley
  • Middletown Rancheria

  • Senior Center, Social Services

  • Water Providers, Service Districts •• And anyone else who does not fit above descriptions

And anyone else who does not fit above descriptions

How can you help?

  • Volunteer for citizens Monitor Team

  • Provide information on watershed history

  • Let us know what is missing from our study

  • LetLet us know whatt you tthink is good or bad about the study

    • What should be done next

    • What should be done next
  • Do you have a favorite area that needs attention

Putah Creek on Langtry

Education and Outreach

  • Citizen Monitor Training

  • Trout in the Classroom

  • In the Creek Field Day

  • Watershed Arts Event

  • Tribal Indian Day

  • Middletown Days

  • Earth Day

  • NewsletterNewsletter, Website and Press Releases

  • Website and Press Releases

  • Oral History of Watershed Elders

Citizen Monitors HC

Hunting Creek

Butts Creek

What is the payoff?

• We will have a working model of our
We will have a working model of our watershed that we can update as needed

  • We will have recommendations for management actions

  • We will have recommendations for needed projects

  • Citizens will be more knowledgeable about their watershed